Cardinal Coupe

Introducing the New Cardinal Coupe

The idea behind the Cardinal Coupe was to design and build the ideal track Coupe sports car that was light weight, incredible handling, GT race car power to weight ratio, easy and fun to drive fast, with a low cost of operation. While that mission seemed difficult it was accomplished in every aspect of the Cardinal’s design and function.

To reduce weight the Cardinal’s chassis is a bonded and riveted, space frame, with a fully integrated roll cage and bolt on front and rear tube frames. Suspension is a race proven double A-arm, pull rod system on all four corners. The powertrain uses Ford’s 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine producing a base of 300 Rear Wheel HP (tunable to 400+), paired with either a Tremec T-56 Magnum or TKX transmission and the Ford Super 8.8 differential. All coupled together gives the Cardinal an exceptional 6:1 power to weight ratio. The Lightweight driveline is compact, durable and easy to service with off the shelf parts availability.

The Cardinal’s light weight makes it easy on tires, brakes, bearings, ball joints etc and most of those consumables are readily available through most auto parts stores and online racer supply sources. The idea is not to spend downtime in the shop or paddock but rather time on the track and ease of service and low cost to be ready for the next event.

The Cardinal can come track ready at 1800 lbs. and with 300 Rear Wheel HP on tap, its sophisticated chassis, and excellent power to weight ratio will provide performance that surpasses many modern GT cars at a fraction of the cost to acquire and maintain.