Meet our Owner

Scott Holley

Scott Holley has been a car guy and race driver for many decades. His retirement as CEO from the company he founded SBC Wealth Management has now enabled him to take his passion to another level with Holley Motorsports. Scott has long been a buyer and seller of classic, sports, muscle cars, and others for his personal collection and for close friends. He has bought and sold from all the major auction houses both in person and online.

He now has a personal collection of over 40 cars. Some cars he restored, and some he has shown at many of the premier concours around the country while winning many awards. He has long been an avid racer and currently races a 1963 Jaguar E Type. He won a National Championship in 2021 and 2022 with his Jag in FIA group 6, as well as he currently races one of his two NASCAR Cup cars with the Historic Stock car racing association. He has now won the inaugural championship in 2022 and won again in 2023.

Scott has been a long-time owner of Superformance and Shelby Legendary cars including a 1964 Shelby FIA, a 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe, a 1965 MK1 GT40, and his personal favorite his 1965 Superformance MKIII Cobra. He has competed with his Cobra in a number of Run N Guns having won each he competed in and has drifted at SEMA for Superformance in their Drift Cobra’s.

He has also developed and tested many performance parts for the MKIII Cobra. His love of cars, racing, and collecting led him to found Holley Motorsports to be able to help other car lovers acquire the car of their dreams or help them sell their Sports, Exotics, Classics, Muscle cars, and even entire collections.